Edgebanders With Pre-Mill

Used 2012 Ima Advantage 400L with Pre-milling and Corner Rounding

2012 Ima Advantage 400L Edgebander w/ Pre-Milling and Corner Rounding

Features and Specifications: - Edgeband thickness 3mm - 12mm - Max feedrate 20 m/min - Premillin...


Used Felder Format 4 Tempora F400

2019 Felder Format 4 Tempora F400 45.03L Edgebander

Time as a resource was the focus in developing the Tempora series. Processing edges needs to be a...


Used 2010 SCM - Stefani Solution AHH-128-01 Edgebander

2010 SCM - Stefani Solution AHH-128-01 Edgebander

This unit Features: 2nd Glue Pot, Rolling Dual Edge Banding Holder, Buffer Wheels, Edge Brighteni...


Used 2016 Biesse Akron 1400

2017 Biesse Akron 1400 Edgebander

The Akron 1400 is a range of single-sided edgebanding machines for the application of edging in e...


Used 2007 Homag Optimat KAL 210/7/A20/52

2007 Homag Optimat KAL 210/7/A20/S2 Edgebander

HOMAG KAL 210/7/A20/S2 Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding (4) Motor: Working Capacity...


Used Ima 500L

2014 Ima Advantage 500L Edgebander

IMA’s edge banding machines perform highly professional edge processing on an industrial scale. I...


Edgebanders Without Pre-Mill

Used 2006 Holz Her Sprint 1310

2006 Holz-Her Sprint 1310 Edgebander

Designed to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and flexibility. For this pu...


Used 2017 SCM Olimpic K203 Edgebander

2017 SCM Olimpic K230 EVO Edgebander

Easy to use and equipped with everything you need for the complete edge banding of panels, the Ol...


Used 1999 Homag Optimat KL 76/A20 Edgebander

1999 Homag Optimat KL 76/A20 Edgebander

Conveyor not included. Features and Specifications: - 0.4 – 20 mm Edge thickness cap., Min. pan...


Used WestVaco Edgemate Contour edgebanding machine

WestVaco Edgemate Contour Edgebander

Features and Specifications: - 2" diameter x 2-1/2" high rubber covered pressure roller - Mounte...