Boring Machines

Used SCM FM-29

SCM FM-29 Boring Machine

The 29 chucks, running in solid ball bearings with clockwise rotation are driven by a flexible co...


Dowel Machines

Used 2014 Omal Velox 1300

2014 Omal Velox 1300 CNC Dowel Machine

The VELOX1300 CNC drilling, gluing, and dowel inserting machine is perfectly suited for flexible,...


Drilling Machines - CNC Drilling Machines

Used Alberti Through-Feed CNC Drilling Machine

Alberti CNC Throughfeed Drilling Machine

This is a CNC Drilling & Routing Machine with 2x Hinge plate Insertion (Blum hinge plates 174L610...


Stile and Rail Machines

Used 2005 Unique Machine & Tool 318, Stile and Rail Machine

2005 Unique 318 Stile and Rail Machine

The Unique Model 318 Stile Machine will allow you to produce consistent, precise rail cuts faster...