2000 Weinig Rondamat 950 Profile Grinder

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ModelRondamat 950 Profile Grinder
Stock Number1374KM
Voltage450 V / 60-Hz / 3-Phase
LocationCentral Canada


Become independent! Grind and sharpen your own knives and gain full control over your tooling needs. Using the Rondamat 950 your shop can grind professional quality knives in-house; reducing downtime, increasing versatility and providing peace of mind.

Features And Specs

  • 9-3/8" Max. arbor length, tool dia. 9" max. to 4" min. 1 and 13/16" diameter
  • Grinding wheel speed inverter controlled; with grinding wheel speeds from 1,500 to 3,000 RPM by 1.5 HP motor.
  • Mechanical clamping of grinding wheel to arbor.
  • Tool carriage movement with precision linear table bearings, setting gauges for axial constant, axial (side) clearance angle 0° - 20°.
  • Onboard diamond wheel dressing, 8-7/8" max. 6" min. grinding wheel dia.; 10-gal. coolant tank with 1.2 HP pump.