2006 Omec F11 TS Dovetail Machine

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ModelF11 TS Dovetail Machine
Stock Number1541GB
Voltage220V / 60Hz / 3PH


The two-axis automatic mill cutter with numerical control, OMEC F11TS, is designed to indent dovetails, French and parallel indents for drawers and several furniture elements. The machine is extremely flexible and is able to perform ten different types of indents. Model F11TS is equipped with a spindle and a mill cutter that allow the production of indents of different heights.  The machine is designed to cut single male or female workpieces or both simultaneously. Pieces can be clamped and released in manual mode by means of pneumatic valves. Controls are issued from a numerically controlled push button panel. Model F11ts is controlled by a numerical control system that is programmed to guarantee the utmost machining flexibility and to change the machining limits within the variables below.

Features and Specifications:

  • Single routing assembly (2-axes) designed to cut both English and French dovetails
  • Router motor: 2.2 kW (3HP), 220/380v, 3PH, 18,000 RPM
  • Minimum workpiece dimensions: 6-2/3" in length, 2-1/3" in width, ¼" long dovetail, fronts: 1/3" thick, sides: 1/3" thick
  • Maximum workpiece dimensions: 59" in length, 30-1/3" in width, 1" long dovetail, fronts: 2-1/6" thick, sides: 1-1/5" thick
  • Minimum/maximum dimensions for curved front workpieces: 3-1/6" / 8-2/3" width front piece 1/3" / ½" thickness of side piece
  • Pneumatic clamping
  • Front mounted control cabinet with touch screen control
  • Capable of cutting single male or female workpieces or both simultaneously
  • Equipped with a number of pre-set programs. It can also allow operator to program in additional jobs.
  • Approximate shipping dimensions: 34'' L x 67'' W x 48'' H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 1,515 lbs (687 kg)

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