1997 Griggio SC-3200

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Stock Number1479KR
Voltage575V 3Ph 60Hz


Recently Upgraded: This well built Griggio sliding table saw has recently been outfitted with a Tiger Stop electronically positioning rip fence. This saw is the perfect addition to any shop looking to increase their production by allowing faster, more accurate ripping, without the need for manually setting a rip fence.

Features and Specs

10 ft 5 Inches

Length of Sliding Table: 10' 5 in.

Length of Cut from Saw-Blade: 11'

Width of Cut between Saw Blade and Square

41 in., Height of Cut: 5 in.

Height of Cut at 45 degrees: 3.5 in.

Tilting Saw Blade: 0-45 degrees

Main Motor: 5.5 HP

Scoring Unit: Motor: .75 HP

Spindle Speed: 8,000 RPM.