2011 SCM Sandya 3S (2) Head 43" Widebelt Sander



ModelSANDYA 300
Stock Number1458JW
Voltage600 V 3 Phase 60 Hz


Technical data - SANDYA 300

  • Working width - 1100 mm
  • Min. - max. working thickness - 4 - 170mm
  • Sanding belt width – 1.115mm
  • Sanding belt length – 1.900mm
  • Main standard motor power – 11kw
  • Feed belt speed with inverter – 4,5/9 m/min
  • “Mesar” sectional pad: the best finish with any material

Higher quality results:

due to the special shape of the sectors that allows the operator to intervene “softly” but also in an “aggressive” way, simply by varying the working pressure. The setting of the pad position and the possibility of using foils of different thickness increases its versality.