Used 2012 Ima Advantage 400L with Pre-milling and Corner Rounding

2012 Ima Advantage 400L Edgebander w/ Pre-Milling and Corner Rounding

Features and Specifications: - Edgeband thickness 3mm - 12mm - Max feedrate 20 m/min - Premillin...


Used Felder Format 4 Tempora F400

2019 Felder Format 4 Tempora F400 45.03L Edgebander

Time as a resource was the focus in developing the Tempora series. Processing edges needs to be a...


Used 2010 SCM - Stefani Solution AHH-128-01 Edgebander

2010 SCM - Stefani Solution AHH-128-01 Edgebander

This unit Features: 2nd Glue Pot, Rolling Dual Edge Banding Holder, Buffer Wheels, Edge Brighteni...


Used 2016 Biesse Akron 1400

2017 Biesse Akron 1400 Edgebander

The Akron 1400 is a range of single-sided edgebanding machines for the application of edging in e...


Used 2007 Homag Optimat KAL 210/7/A20/52

2007 Homag Optimat KAL 210/7/A20/S2 Edgebander

HOMAG KAL 210/7/A20/S2 Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding (4) Motor: Working Capacity...


Used Ima 500L

2014 Ima Advantage 500L Edgebander

IMA’s edge banding machines perform highly professional edge processing on an industrial scale. I...